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    Letterpress printing is one of the most sought after methods of printing for invitations and custom stationery.

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At Corinna Beau Letterpress + Design Studio, we think PAPER IS A LIFESTYLE.  Extreme, you say? Well, think about it… every important event in your life deals with paper. You get married, you send invitations. You have a baby, you send announcements. You start a business, you need business cards. It’s your birthday, you get a card in the mail. You go to a party, you wrap a gift. You need to leave yourself a reminder, you write a note. So see…. I’m not that extreme. It’s just, paper makes me happy. So, that’s why I decided to write this blog……. so, you can share in my happiness.

The stationery industry is filled with style, fashion and is a fabulous marker for trends.  The paper you write, send or wrap with says a lot about you.  Paper can send a message on how you dress, how you decorate and how you live.  So, here it is… my blog.  I will share with you fabulous design inside and outside the stationery industry, keep you up to date with what we’re working on in the studio and much, much more!  Check back daily and see what inspires me to create, organize and dream!

xoxo, nikki

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